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numb_music's Journal

Monday, May 10, 2004

6:34PM - May tour Dates

May 14th
Plato's Pizza & Pub Bolingbrook, IL
Blood Loss
Seven Degrees from Center (Indianapolis, IN)
SpiL (Indianapolis, IN)
Know Lyfe (Lansing, MI) & TBA

May 16th
House Party Muncie, IN
7:30PM/$5 ($2 extra for Keg Cup)

May 22nd
Quad City Live Davenport, IA
Left 4 Dead
One Step Behind
7PM/$10 ($20 includes bus trip)
No excuses you better go to this show

May 23rd
Chubby Rain Poplar Grove, IL
Orion 9

Numb starts their tour June 13th

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6:28PM - Numb Merchandise order yours today


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Tuesday, May 4, 2004



everyone better go
its saturday May 22nd in Davenport, Iowa

theres going to be a bus ride to the show
so e-mail fans@numbmusic.com for more info

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Saturday, May 1, 2004


Interview with Numb
May 1st, 2004

What made you guys decide on the name “Numb”? Were there any other choices?

Tony: No, there weren’t any other choices and it was seriously the first thing that came to mind.

Who inspired you guys? Like musical influences?

Paul: Do you mean musically? Gotta get it together bro, come on dude.
Alex: I don’t know. What do you guys have to say?
Paul: Name your bands and I will name forth my bands “this is going to take a second so...” One of my favorite bands would have to be the band Tool. Then there’s the band Pantera. There’s my spiritual rock, which is Tool of course. Then I have my fuck you, oh, kill you in the face Pantera metal rock. But then in the beginning before all this crazy rock I was inspired by the band Mötley Crüe. Tell me about it, it was Satanism, but I love it. I believe in God and Satanism is not my thing. But I do twirl the drumsticks quite madly. Like my man Tommy Lee of course
Alex: The stuff that inspires me really, I really don’t play like, so like I guess myself. I don’t know. I mean I like a shit load of other bands, but I don’t play like them, I mean I look up to them and shit but I just want to be my own person with the music.
Tony: And I personally couldn’t care less about the music im in it for the chicks. But the obvious is the Deftones, and I also influenced by Radiohead as well.
Rob: Van Halen of course. Bon Jovi

What is your goal with Numb, what do you want to achieve?

Alex: Anything and everything Possible.
Paul: Um sex, a lot of booze for free, and we definitely want to score a record deal with a major major label and too keep writing badass music with crazy ass halftimes.
Tony: And score with progressively hotter and hotter chicks. Just kidding. Put in there that im gay.

How long have you guys been together?

Paul: Well I’ve been gay for a couple years. I had sex with Rob twice this past week. So we have been together for about 4 days. Tony and I, we’ve had gay butt sex for the past 10 years. So pretty long term with him. *but you know that gays hold no meaning in the relationship its all about the poo* The only thing I can do is wink at people then I fart. What the hell. What the fuck is wrong with me.
Tony: We’ve been together since June 8th of 2002, but Alex and Paul have joined the band in the past six to eight weeks.
Paul: Oh so im not gay then?

When and how did you all meet?

Rob: I met Paul at school. I met Tony in a bar long time ago in his old band. Then Alex he came to all of our shows.

What was it like your first time up on stage? Were you nervous?

Rob: Yeah I was a little nervous
Alex: Yeah I was fucking nervous as hell. I was nervous the whole time.
Tony: I was only nervous before I got on stage and then once I got on I wasn’t.
Paul: Honestly I really never haven’t got nervous.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Alex: Halo
Rob: Halo for me too
Paul: The one song where you strum the guitar chords *Makes guitar noise*. Then there’s Tony*makes weird noises*. Then im like look everyone I can twirl my sticks. Then there’s Alex on the chorus*makes bass noises*
Alex: What song is that.
Tony: It’s called the Fuck you, Yankee Blue jeans. Yeah I like playing the new song because we can pretend like were hardcore kids. But put down that we are definitely alternative rock.
Paul: Woohoo Halo.

What is your most embarrassing moment onstage?

Paul: Well im embarrassed every night.
Tony: Sometimes when I scream that hard, I fart uncontrollably. Just Kidding, don’t put that, then ill never get chicks.
Rob: I wiped out at Plato’s pizza. I fell hard, pulled my stack over.
Tony: I totally ninja kicked Alex in the back of the knee.
Alex: Yeah, he almost broke my leg. Probably the most embarrassing thing that happened to me was when my bass flew. I went to go for the massive spin and the strap broke. I almost busted some fans in the head. That really wasn’t embarrassing it was sort of hilarious.

When you guys aren’t playing any shows, what do you like to do in your free time?

Paul: Totally hang out. We go to restaurants.
Tony: I like to color code my sock and underwear drawer. I double-check the spacing between all my furniture and the walls because I have a really fucking sad affliction called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I turn off my light switches exactly fourteen times and then I reface everything in my medicine cabinet. Then I punch myself in the face and call myself an ass and then I cry myself to sleep like the little pussy I am.
Rob: I hang cinder blocks from my nipple rings. Honestly I hang out with my daughter.
Tony: and then I hang out with his girlfriend.
Paul: I like to practice. Actually I hate practice but I got to do it.
Tony:(singing) Separaaaate
Alex: I don’t really have any spare time.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


As well i have Numb and other local band photos


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5:24PM - My Numb Photos

Hey all, although i dont have pix of the new lineup, here are some of the images i caught at previous shows ive attended:

also, you can browse around my other concert pix by clicking at the top where it says concerts. I have pictures from a number of other local bands and a few national acts. then to see anything else about me you want to, head over from the link on the top where it says MegaMegzy86. All pictures on that site are MINE. do NOT use them without my permission... and generally, ill let you use whatever you want. i just want to know WHAT theyre being used for and where. thank you!

Keep It Rockin

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Monday, April 12, 2004


On 94.7 the zone, Numb's song "Glass Slipper", was played this past Sunday. Everyone should help support them and call in a request it or e-mail James VanOsdol at jvo@947zone.com. Thanks for supporting Numb

and remember to vote for numb on local-bands.net http://www.local-bands.net/vote.php?bandid=3447vote for numb

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Numb has a lot of tours going on for the rest of April

April 16th
Plato's Pizza & Pub Bolingbrook, IL
w/One Step Behind
Silent Glory
Nameless Nothing & TBA

April 17th
Eastern High School - Lansing, MI
Know Lyfe
Flesh and Blood Robot & TBA

April 18th
Otto's Niteclub Dekalb, IL (18+)
Killed by the 1st
Casting Method (Pittsburgh, PA)

April 21st
Quad City Live Davenport, IA
Left 4 Dead
Two Words

April 30th
Real Life Community Church Portage, IN
w/One Step Behind
The Farewell Crisis (Racine, WI)
Left 4 Dead

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